hP-MSC hydrogel

hP-MSC hydrogel is an innovative stem cell medicine candidate for external use. With the aid of distinctive pro-angiogenesis ability of hP-MSC, hP-MSC hydrogel could accelerate wound healing, which offer promising benefits for some patients suffering from chronic wound, such as refractory skin injuries and ulcerative colitis. nijiao.jpg

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"hP-MSC hydrogel”is an independently developed product by H&B which has been used in the repair of cesarean scar. The project hosted by Liu Zhengping, director of Foshan maternal and child obstetrics, has successfully registered at the NIH Clinical Trial Center. The registration number is NCT02772289. Up to now, there have been 48 cases of pregnant women included into this registered clinical research, No abnormal reaction cases. Serological markers and tumor markers were all normal, and achieved ideal initial results in safety and effectiveness. 图片 1.jpg