In close collaboration with domestic and foreign research institutions, colleges and universities, H&B has carried out a series of projects, such as technology transfer, commissioned research, joint research, co-construction of scientific research base, joint training, personnel exchanges, etc.

(1)   Cooperative hospitals and diseases in clinical research of stem cells

  • The Fourth Military Medical University  Chronic acute liver failure, primary biliary cirrhosis, hepatitis B related decompensated cirrhosis

  • Chinese PLA General Hospital    Refractory skin ulcers

  • First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University    Diabetic peripheral vascular disease

  • Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Blood Disease Hospital

  • Tianjin Medical University General Hospital

  • Guizhou Medical University

(2)   Academic partners

  • Nankai University

  • Jinan University

  • Peking Union Medical College

  • Fujian Medical University

  • Kunming Medical University

  • Jiangxi Medical College

  • Lorraine University

  • First Affiliated Hospital of PLA General Hospital (304)

  • 307 Hospital of PLA

  • Xi’an Gao Xin Hospital

  • Henan Cancer Hospital

  • The General Hospital of Chinese Peoples Armed Police Forces

  • Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital


(3)   Industry partners

  • National Stem Cell Engineering Research Center

  • 1197 Institute of National Institute of health, France

  • Xi'an international medicine

  • Shangrao Tourism Group