MSC Origin

Placental cells have evolved over millions of years to protect and sustain the developing fetus. The placenta is responsible for the exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste between the mother and her fetus; serves as the primary site for formation of fetal blood cells; and helps protect the fetus from attack by the mother’s immune system and from infection. The U.S. National Institutes of Health describes the placenta as “the least understood human organ but arguably one of the most important.

At Health Biomed, we have appreciated the enormous therapeutic potential of the placenta cells. We developed independent manufacturing processes to storage placenta cells for autologous application and public service. According to our research, placenta cells, especially mesenchymal stromal/stem cells derived from placenta(P-MSC), exhibited more powerful biological activity and proliferation ability than cells from some other tissues. With low immunogenicity and remarkable immune-modulatory properties, P-MSC serviced as the ideal substances in our exploitation of stem cell medicine.

H&B owns a series of patents and develops advanced technologic platforms regarding research and development of placenta and umbilical cord stem cells. More information about patents please press here.

H&B has 1200m2 GMP cellular production workshop, 500㎡ quality control center, the national certified GLP qualification laboratory. In the cell preparation and preservation center of H&B, there are many cutting-edge R& D equipments, guaranteeing abundant quantity and reliable quality of our stem cell products.

We set up the first clinical-level umbilical cord / placental stem cell storage platforms in China. Noticeably, it’s also the first clinical- level umbilical cord /placenta stem cell bank in the whole world, which can preserve four different types of placental stem cell simultaneously: placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells, pluripotent stem cells and mother’s mesenchymal stem cells. At present, relying on its globally pioneering stem cell scientific research and development technology, H&B provides banking service of placenta-derived stem cells, adult adipose derived stem cells and mononuclear cell.