Stem Cell Banking and Preparation Center

As an established leader in the field of stem cell banking, H&B developed the first huc-MSC banking system in the world. Moreover, H&B independently developed world leading processing technology and QC system of stem cells, and introduced advanced preserving device, which guaranteed the safety and stability of stem cells.

H&B has developed mature clinical grade technology of cell isolating, cultivating, scale expanding, testing, cryopreservation and thawing, cold chain transportation. Our products and systems are supervised by China Food and Drug Administration and meet national standard. As a high-level cell preparation and preservation center, H&B is dedicated to providing competitive and cost-efficiency services for Chinese and overseas institutions and individuals. So far, cell banking service covers almost all regions of China with a preserving capacity of 500,000 units.

Biological safety and function evaluation for cell drugs

With the rapid development of life sciences and biomedicine, increasing requirements for the safety and biological function of new drugs have been put forward. Since January 1st, 2007, the China Food and Drug Administration has stated that all animal testing for drug safety assessment must be conducted in a laboratory with GLP qualification. In the process of drug development, it must be proved that there is no obvious toxic effect before being tested on human body. Thus, bio-safety assessment is the basis for China Food and Drug Administration to decide whether or not to agree with pharmaceutical companies to carry out clinical trials.

With more than 10 years of cell drug R & D experience, in cooperation with some renowned domestic bio-safety assessment institutions, H&B set up a technology platform to meet the evaluation of biological safety and function of new cell drugs, and established a series of quality and testing standards for domestic cellular products. These work will greatly accelerate the development of domestic cell pharmaceutical industry.

H&B owns the world's first clinical-grade umbilical cord / placental stem cell banking system, as well as a high level cell preparation and preservation center. The safety assessment and pharmacodynamics of pre-clinical pharmacology and toxicology of placental mesenchymal stem cells according to the US and European standard have been completed. We have the conditions to apply for new drug clinical trials to FDA of China, the EU and the USA.

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Cell bank picture

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Technical Platform:

  • 1. Beijing Perinatal Stem Cell Beijing Engineering Laboratory

  • 2. National Stem Cell Engineering Research Center

  • 3.  H&B Precision And Regenerative Medicine Institute

  • 4.  Guangzhou International Regenerative Medicine Institute

  • 5.  Jiangxi Provincial Stem Cell Engineering Research Center

  • 6.   H&B France  Research Center