Stem Cell therapy products/Cellular Medicines

Stem cell therapy products overview

Appling our advanced cell technology platforms, we have developed a series of stem cell therapy products, which are based on mesenchymal stromal/stem cells derived from perinatal tissues, to build what we believe is the most innovative stem cell-based product portfolio in the pharmaceutical industry and regenerative medicine. These stem cell therapy products have a number of promising functions which warrant their use for many refractory diseases, such as diabetes, stroke, ischemic heart disease, chronic wound, autoimmune disorders, etc.

Placental mesenchymal stem cells (P-MSC) are mesenchymal stem cells derived from the placenta, with strong self-replication capability and multiple differentiation potential. A key function of MSCs is their immunoregulation effects by which P-MSCs can restore the balance of immune function.

Production process


More information about perinatal mesenchymal stromal/stem cells is available under    Science    in this website.