Team members

R & D team:

  R & D team::  Zhong chao HAN,Weidong Le,Xiaoming Feng,Georges Uzan,Jinzhong Li,Chunjin Feng,Hao Yu,LeiShengZhang

  Medical team:  Lugui Qiu,Xiaofan Zu,Guangsheng Zhuo,Weiqiang Wang,Yiqiang Ni

  Technical team:  Zhibo Han,Jie Gen, Qinjun Zhao,Huisan Zhao,Meiguang Lin,Camille Flageollet

Zhong chao HAN,Professor, Chief Scientist, CEO

CEO and Founder of Beijing Health-Biotech Group Academician, French Academy of Medicine & French Academy of Technologies;Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor, Chinese Academy of Medical Science & Peking Union Medical College



Professor HAN has been engaged in the research work of hematology, stem cell biology & engineering technology for twenty years. Altogether, he has published over 430 academic theses among which 210 English theses appear on international journals, and obtained 26 scientific prizes granted by Chinese government and by French Academy of Science. He is the chief editor or editor of six English academic monographs and eight Chinese academic monographs.”。

Domestic expert team

李宗金.jpgZong jin LI, ProfessorExecutive VP of H&B Stem cell research instituteDoctor of Beijing Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, postdoctoral fellow of Stanford University and professor of Nankai University medical school. Committed to stem cell regeneration medicine research, the results were published in Circulation, JACC, JASN, Stem Cell and Biomaterials and other important international academic journals.

韩之波.jpgFellows of Han Zhi BoTianjing AngSai CEO Mainly engaged in the development of perinatal stem cell industrialization preparation technology and product development, published more than 40 papers in domestic and foreign periodicals, participated in the compilation of 2 monographs, obtained 2 invention patents, two awards for scientific and technological progress in 2009 countries, 1 items of national scientific and technological progress first prize in 2014, 6 provincial and ministerial Awards

耿洁.jpgGeng Jie senior engineerDirector of research and development of H& BThe national registered licensed pharmacist, graduate of China Medicine University, visiting scholar of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, has rich experience in research and development of new biological drugs, undertook the national major new drug development project, focused on the quality management and control of stem cell drug production, and presided over the quality of stem cell and stem cell production. Standard. It won 1 first prize of provincial and ministerial level science and technology progress, and 1 awards of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological invention two.。

冯晓明.jpgFeng Xiao MingDeputy dean of the Research Institute of H& BHead of the immunotherapy project group Research Fellow and doctoral supervisor, hematology Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Ph. D., Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, doctorate of Beijing Union Medical College, Postdoctoral Research Institute of Wister.


International team of experts

Cazenave.jpgJean-Pierre André Cazenaveblood transfusion and hematology expertProfessor JP Cazenave is a world famous blood transfusion and hematology expert, an academician of the French Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor of Strasbourg University and Director of Blood Center of Strasbourg region, and Vice President of French Association of Placenta and Umbilical Cord-derived Stem Cell.

Caen.jpgProfessor J Caenangiopathy and hematopathy expertProfessor J Caen is a world famous angiopathy and hematopathy expert. He has long been engaged in the academic exchanges of science and technology between France and China, and was awarded the “China International Friendship” by Premier Jiabao Wen in 2011. Professor J Caen holds many academic positions. He is the academician of several Academies including the French National Academy of Medical Sciences, the French National Academy of Technologies, the corresponding academician of the French National Academy of Sciences, and the foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Uzan.jpgDr. Georges Uzanstem cell expertDr. Georges Uzan is a world famous stem cell expert, specializing in the field of vascular stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells. He is the Director of the 972th Unit of INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), France.

Lataillade.jpgProfessor Jean-Jacques Latailladestem cell expertProfessor Lataillade is a world famous stem cell expert working mainly in mesenchymal stem cells and their application in tissue injuries. Dr. Lataillade is the Director of the Department of Innovative Medicine and Therapy, Director of department of Military Medico-Surgical Support and Cell Therapy and Tissue Reparation, France.

leimen.jpgRaymond ASTRIsenior engineer, big data specialist Raymond ASTRI, a senior engineer, big data specialist, is proficient in a variety of programming languages and in constructing data systems. He once held key technical positions in IBM, Schneider Electric and other Fortune Global 500 companies.