Health  & Biomedicine (H & Biomed) is a leading biological medicine company specialized in perinatal stem cells and Precision & Regenerative Medicine.   H & Biomed is Health & Biotech Group (H & B Group)’s clinical-stage biotherapy subsidiary corporation concentrating on the research and development of perinatal stem cell based medicine for a total twenty years.    H & B Group, the leading stem cell group company is totally devoted to the industrialization of stem cell technology. It has built up an integrated stem cell industrial chain, covering stem cell source preservation, biological skincare, tissue engineering, safety and efficacy evaluation of biological medicine, precision medicine and cell medicine.



Our technology includes 2 major platforms:

1527906186382044749.png Appling our advanced cell technology platform, we have developed a series of stem cell therapy products, which is based on mesenchymal stromal/stem cells from perinatal tissue, to build the most invocative stem cell-based product portfolio in the pharmaceutical and clinic industry.
1527906186382044749.png Cell and gene detection -- cell + gene, dual core drive, research and development of new cell therapy products, draw human aging map, and promote the precise application of cells in aging and cancer. Develop the simple, rapid and accurate detection of CTC technology products.