Our advantage


The world's first clinical level of umbilical cord / placental stem cell storage, high level cell preparation and preservation center. The safety assessment and pharmacodynamics of pre-clinical pharmacology and toxicology of placental mesenchymal stem cells designed according to the US and European standard have been completed. We have the conditions to apply for clinical trials to China, the EU countries and the US CFDA.


Appling our advanced cell technology platform, we have developed a series of stem cell therapy products, which is based on mesenchymal stromal/stem cells from perinatal tissue. Mesenchymal stem cell Hydrogen is H&B focus on the development of stem cell drug, has now entered into the phaseⅡ of clinical study by the researchers, in refractory skin injury, ulcerative colitis and joint injury adaptation is achieved very good results.


Dozens of patent technologies have been created the industry records many times. Cooperate with the PLA 307 Hospital, successful completion of the world's first placental hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for the treatment of severe aplastic anemia (aplastic anemia).

All industry chain

At the core of stem cell regenerative medicine technology, the gradual formation of perinatal stem cell storage, cell and regenerative medicine and products, biological care, precision medicine, health management and international medical tourism, education and training industry chain, to build a closed loop of the whole industry chain of stem cells.

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